Where To Build

Enjoying The View At Our Dale Hollow Lake Property

Here’s a photo collage of a day spent at our property — at Swan Ridge Lake Resort on Dale Hollow Lake. It was our dog Tenor’s first time visiting the property. Also his first time off-leash to roam free. He did great!

Where We Are Now In The Log Home Building Process…

We’re down but not out! After a year spent securing the land, finding a log home builder, designing the blueprints, and saving money to build the log home of our dreams, we had a minor setback when we learned that we couldn’t build our log home for under $160/SF. Now we’re gearing up for Round Two in the log home building process. See what we’re planning now…

Snowy Dale Hollow Lake Property

When we bought our property on Dale Hollow Lake, we wondered just how much snow would fall in that area during the winter months. Dale Hollow Lake is a couple hours north of Nashville, and a tad east — it’s fairly close to ‘the plateau’. So yesterday morning, we hopped in the car to check out the freshly fallen snow on our property.

Exploring Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Some More

We still have so many questions about living in the Dover area. The prices for the land seems quite reasonable — for waterfront no less! But the only ‘odd’ thing is that waterfront doesn’t necessarily mean water access.

Our First Trip To See Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake Properties

We had so much fun just riding around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. While Dover is a really small town (it’s also the county seat), it’s fairly quaint and clean and quiet. At least that’s how it seemed to us — our first impression.