Where We Are Now In The Log Home Building Process…

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After coming to grips with the fact that we can’t build this log home for $150 or even $155 a square foot at Swan Ridge Lake Resort (Dale Hollow Lake in the Celina/Cookeville, TN area) at this time, Jim and I have decided that we’re not giving up.

We are simply considering this Round One.

Yep, Round One in our quest to find a qualified General Contractor is now officially behind us.

Today we begin Round Two in our search for a G.C.

…One who has built log homes before.

…One who can give us a fair price, in writing.

…And one who has good follow-through skills.

Who knows, maybe (hopefully) one of the G.C.’s who wasn’t able to meet our needs in Round One will actually come through for us in Round Two. Because those were the contractors that we trusted the most. But they were also the ones that we couldn’t seem to afford.

Round Two In Our Quest To Build A Log Home

The best part is that our spirit and enthusiasm for building a log home have not diminished.

We are just as excited today about building our dream home — a log home — as we were when we first started this journey over a year ago.

This means that our log home will probably be even more satisfying to us in the end.

Plus, we’ll have even more time to choose which items, colors, and styles we will ultimately be incorporating into the interior design and decoration of our log home.

And you can bet, all of the research we’ll be doing will definitely make its way to this website. So that means a lot more helpful log home information will continue to appear here at The Fun Times Guide to Log Homes, with the aim that others will continue to enjoy — and hopefully benefit from — our personal experiences.

We’ve certainly got a lot more to learn about log homes and the log home building process, and we’re eager to share it all with other current and future log home owners.

Thanks again for visiting!

UPDATE 6/16/07: We had a slight change in plans… Check it out!


We've gone through the entire process of designing and planning every single detail of our dream log home! We have the blueprints... and the land... and the contractor... and the goal for our log cabin home to be our retirement home. Before you build (or buy) a log home, I have a slew of helpful tips for you -- to plan, design, build, decorate, and maintain your very own rustic modern log home. When I'm not fine-tuning the log home of my dreams, you'll find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). To date, I’ve written nearly 300 articles for current and future log home owners on this site! Many of them have over 50K shares.

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