It’s Official… We’re Building At Swan Ridge Lake Resort on Dale Hollow Lake!

by Lynnette

Dale Hollow Lake Property, deciding where to build, Tennessee land

Today’s the day…

December 1, 2006 - the day we signed on the property. 7 months after we began our search for a place to call home… and 4 months after we placed a deposit on this piece of land… we finally have a large plot of grass, dirt and rock to call our own.

(And knowing me, I’ll be photographing it regularly, documenting every little thing about it and proclaiming why it’s the sweetest spot on Earth — so consider this fair warning.)

Yep, we plan to build our log home on 1.62 acres at a new lakefront development in Northern/Middle Tennessee.


It’s called Swan Ridge Lake Resort, and we’ll be one of the first to build there.

Swan Ridge Lake Resort on Dale Hollow Lake in Celina, Tennessee.

Now we’ll be spending some time fine-tuning the specs of our house plans and making sure that we’ve got things like the kitchen and our offices designed just as we want them before we break ground. (Actually you have to have all of those details in place before the bank will give you a construction-to-permanent loan.)

The biggest item of question at this point is how to design the master bathroom / master bathroom / laundry room quadrant of the house.

Jim talking with the Cavenders design team... about WEBSITE design! But, with the help of the fine folks at Cavender’s (“The Interior Company”), we’re well on our way to getting those details ironed out.

[Thanks, Ernie, Rebecca and Kyle!]

All in all… today was a GREAT day!

We had the closing on the land and we signed everything that makes the land officially ours now.

And we’re finally moving forward in the direction of actually building our dream home.

Here’s how we decided on Swan Ridge as the best place to build our log home.

A few photos of our property on Dale Hollow Lake:

All of this is OURS!... Here we are looking at the property with a GC this summer.The view from our property at Swan Ridge Lake Resort in the Fall.Jim getting an overview of the property during one of our first visits to Dale Hollow Lake.

Interested in checking out Swan Ridge?… Here are the directions.

See how we decided on Dale Hollow Lake & Swan Ridge Lake Resort as the place to build our log home.