Our First Time Inside A Log Home

by Lynnette

buying a pre-owned log home, pictures of log home exteriors, stairs and railings

Jim peeking inside a log home... the first log home for sale that we ever stepped foot in! Today was the first day we decided to actually visit a couple of homes that are for sale around here.

We called & spoke with the Realtors who were listed for two of the homes on our list.

After I got off work, we drove to nearby Leiper’s Fork (here in Williamson County, TN) and met with the first Realtor.

She had a log home that was for sale — good end of town, woods surrounded 3 sides, and there was a creek nearby. We were pretty sure it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but we were just trying to get this process of “looking at actual homes for sale” going.

And this house seemed like as good as any to start with.

When we arrived at the house (which was on a secluded private road — so we never would have found it ourselves), we fell in love with the woodsy environment and the rustic cabin-like feel.

Neither Jim nor I had ever stepped foot inside a “real” log home (other than the log cabin rental type that you stay in on vacation).

Our first impressions:

    The wall of windows inside a log home for sale in Leiper's Fork, TN.

  • “I love all those windows!”
  • “Wow, I never thought of living in an actual log cabin before…”
  • “It’s kinda small. But what fun it would be to live like you’re on vacation all the time!”
  • “The woods and the creek surrounding the house are amazing!”
  • “What an awesome feeling it would be to be ‘away from it all’ out here.”
  • “Talk about being one with nature!”

However, I immediately noticed all the things the house didn’t have that I knew I wanted in my dream home. So I was somewhat less impressed (overall) than Jim was.

Jim checking out the exterior deck and balcony on this log home for sale in Leiper's Fork, TN. But it was hard to get past the fact that the house was surrounded by 2 creeks… and where the 2 creeks meet up, there were little waterfalls… and these were at the same spot where 3 picnic tables and a walking trail came together. Yet it would be privately… ours. Only shared by the 3 other homeowners who live along this long and winding road.

Here are some more pictures…

Stars leading from the garage to the basement inside a Leipers Fork, Tennessee log home for sale. A log home living room with lots of windows! The interior of a log home for sale in Leiper's Fork, TN. The tiny bathroom inside this log home.

The basement inside this log home basement. smoky-joes-kitchen.jpg A log home basement with fireplace.

smoky-joes-garage-satellite.jpg smoky-joes-ariel-dog-on-porch.jpg smoky-joes-porch-swing.jpg

smoky-joes-cabin.jpg smoky-joes-living-room.jpg smoky-joes-porch.jpg

Details about this log cabin:
Square Feet: 2,291
Year Built: 2001
Master Bedroom: 18×16
2nd Bedroom: 13×12
3rd Bedroom: 16×13
Kitchen: 19×10
Living: 19×18
Baths: 2
Lot Size: 5.08 acres

Now, onto House #2

UPDATE 5/26/06: Here are highlights from our second visit to House #1.