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Take One… Take Two… Take Twenty-Nine!

Jim getting a Take-One from a home for sale in Williamson County, TN. Well, we’ve spent the last several weeks scouting out houses (and land) all over Williamson County.

The funny part…

Most of the homes we saw (and liked!) would’ve ended up costing us LESS on a monthly basis than our current home does. And, we’d get more land in the process!

While looking at existing homes for sale, we didn’t actually go into any of them.

We’re still very early in this process. And since we have no intentions of moving right now, why get our hopes up about a house that isn’t likely to wait around for us… Right?

So we just keep driving around and gathering information — both online and from all the Take Ones in the front yards.

By the way, I have a question for home sellers: Why in the world would someone put their house up for sale yet NOT have Take Ones?! Even if you have ’em, but run out… my goodness, I’d be refilling that container the second I noticed it was empty! We skipped any home that didn’t have a Take One.

So far, we’ve actually learned a lot.

We already knew the price ranges that we could afford. But now, we’ve seen the price ranges that are available to us in the areas we like best. And we’ve learned a lot about the types of homes that fall within our price range. (We’ve also seen a few things that we would like to incorporate whenever we were ready to sell our own home.)