FLOR Carpet Tiles Available At Target

by Lynnette

flooring and rugs

floor-carpet-tiles.jpg Well, since my post about DIY TrafficMaster Allure flooring from Home Depot was such a hit, I figured I’d dig a little deeper and see if I could find some other “similar yet different” types of flooring.

Here’s one: FLOR carpet tiles!

FLOR carpet tiles are available at Target.


They come in 4 “flavors”, with 6 tiles to a pack:

  • Bright Solids
  • Bright Stripes
  • Basic Solids
  • Basic Stripes

I foresee that a lot of fun could be had by mixing and matching various colors and styles of these carpet tiles!

I first heard about “FLOR rugs in a box” from Apartment Therapy.

There, “sooj” says:

According to the Target website, there’s free shipping for orders over $75 PLUS it says you can return them to any Target store (thereby saving on return shipping if necessary).


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