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How To Make Only One Room In Your House Look Like A Log Cabin

I got an interesting question from a visitor to this site today:

My husband and I are looking at making one room in our home look like a log cabin. We just need interior log to put over our sheet rock. Do you have any suggestions? Where do I go to find this?” — Emily

See my recommendations below…



Log Siding, Log Paneling, Tongue & Groove Wood

Whether you want to build an entire home that looks like a log cabin (on the inside), or you just want to decorate one specific room in log cabin decor, interior log siding is the answer!

That is what we will be using on the interior walls of our log home. But it’s not limited for use only in log homes.

Note: When used inside a home, the terms “log siding”, “log paneling” and “tongue & groove wood” are often used interchangeably. Log siding tends to be raised and rounded (like a log… or a half log), whereas log paneling tends to be flat and narrow (like a plank of wood found at the lumber yard). When used inside a home, they are both applied using the tongue & groove method… generally speaking.


Stick-Built vs Log Walls

In case you’re wondering, a home that’s built entirely with logs on the outside automatically results in log walls on the inside — but only on the “exterior walls”.

Any “interior walls” inside a log home will actually be stick-built using traditional building methods. As a result, there is a lot of flexibility and you can make those walls from whatever material you choose: drywall, tongue & groove wood, log paneling, log siding, stone, stucco, etc.

We want our log home to look full out log, inside and out, so we’ll be using log siding on all interior walls.

Just the same, anyone with a traditional, stick-built home could use log siding on any of the walls inside the home! This would create the effect of a log cabin — on the inside.

Log accents can definitely help to create a warm and cozy feeling in a single room or throughout the entire home!


Where To Find Log Siding In Your Area

Your best bet is simply to call (and then visit) a handful of reputable log home companies near where you live.

Here’s a good place to start: The Best List Of Log Home Companies.

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