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How We Chose A Log Staircase For Our Log Cabin

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By Shelley

In my opinion, one of the best showcase items for your log home is the log staircase.  In fact, I think it’s a “must have”.

hiawatha-log-staircase.jpgWhen we went to visit Hiawatha Log Homes in Munising, Michigan, we were struck by the log staircase they had in their model log home.  It was comprised of half logs for steps and fit perfectly into the home’s layout.  I fell in love with it and had to have it. 

We set out to get one just like it. So we researched the cost, and compared the various log staircases that were available. Here’s what we’ve learned about log staircases…

Where To Find Log Staircases
The first decision we had to make was whether to purchase the log staircase directly from our log home provider or look to an outside source.

A good portion of log home providers offer log staircases as an option.  We chose to get ours from Hiawatha because:

    • We liked the design;

    • It would arrive with our log home package on the “official delivery day”; and

    • The cost was competitive.

Typically, the cost for a log staircase ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 — and can go on up, depending on the size and custom features you add. 

The companies listed below offer log staircases. And, in most cases, they can custom build many different styles of steps and railings for you.


What About Additional Staircases?
log-staircase-landing-area.jpgThe second decision we had to make was regarding the basement stairs. If you have a basement, you’ll need to decide whether you want to purchase a second set of log stairs to that area. 

When Greg and I first found out the cost of the log staircase, our first inclination was to just have one log staircase to the loft and a “regular” staircase to the basement.  But our log home consultant put the gentle push on us to purchase the second set of log stairs, because it would look odd if the theme and flow didn’t continue.  He was right. 

Sizes & Styles Of Log Staircases

The third decision we had to make was the size and placement of the log staircase. 

We kind of messed up on the size aspect of the log staircase we chose.  Ours is 4 feet wide.  It wasn’t untill later that we realized how big of a chunk it took out of our humble living room area. 

We should have bumped out the size of our log home at least 2 feet in order to accommodate the log staircase. Then, we wouldn’t have lost as much space.  But it didn’t end up being so bad, as we will be finishing our daylight basement and creating a large family recreation area for additional space.

Staining Your Log Stairs

log-staircase-from-hiawatha-log-homes.jpgThe fourth decision you’ll have to make is the stain and treatment you would like on your log staircase. 

Our log home consultant told us about this sand “grit” that he could stain into the steps so they wouldn’t be slippery — and they would still look great. 

Just like staining the interior or exterior of your log home, color is such a subjective choice.  For our home – we are going with a dark golden tone for the log staircase. 

Overall, I’d say that one of the best decisions we made was to add the log staircase. It is truly a “showcase” item in our home.  When we have friends and family over, it is the first thing they comment on, and they just love it. I say — get the log staircase!