How To Turn A ‘Gift For The House’ Into A Special Gift For Your Loved One

Want to buy your loved one something special ‘for the house’? Here’s a fun & creative way to surprise your loved one with your very ‘special’ gift on that very special day. See how to package your ‘special’ gift… in a way that only a devoted homebuilder who loves you dearly could appreciate!

Log Home Trends

Here are some little-known facts about log homes, including a number of log home trends that are affecting the housing market today. Wondering what’s going on in the log home industry these days… check here first!

Where Should You Put Your Light Switches?

Wondering where to place all of your light switches in your new home? Light switch placement is determined by a lot of things. Here’s what you should know about placing light switching inside your home.

What’s Your Style? Decorating With A Theme In Mind

Are you going for classic and rich looking? Modern and hip? Smooth edges & curves or sharpe edges and fine lines?
What about rustic? Have you considered themed housewares? You’ll probably want to decide fairly early whether you want to decorate your log home in a particular theme or not. We did.