Home Decorating & Remodeling Tip: How To Get The Look You Want

When it comes to finding good help when building or remodeling your home, there’s a fine line between getting a quality result and being able to afford the type of result you’re after. Here’s the secret to finding good, fast, and cheap help.

Painting Full Log Walls Inside…The Effect Painted Logs Might Have on the Resale of Your Log Home

The following pictures show some of the ways that you can still have a nice log home without necessarily having ‘shades of brown’ as your primary color scheme. Typically, you’ll see one wall painted to serve as a focal spot or an accent wall. I have no interest in painting ALL — or even most — of the log walls inside our house. Just 1, maybe 2 of the smaller walls instead. Like these…

How We Found A Log Home Designer… Eventually

Here are the steps we went through when looking for a home designer to draw up the blueprints for our custom log home. There are also some recommendations here if you’re looking for home designers in Williamson County, Tennessee.

I Found Some Uncommon Goods For Log Home Owners!

While searching for unique items made from twigs, sticks and branches, I found the best selection and most unique items at a store called Uncommon Goods. Things made from sticks will add a touch of ‘rustic’ to an otherwise modern log home.

FREE Home Design Tools To Help You Design & Decorate Any Room In Your House

Floorplanner.com and other online programs like this make it easy to design and decorate all the rooms in your house! They’re great because they let you to see exactly how things will look inside the rooms of your house without having to just visualize it in your mind. Most of these tools also permit you to enter your exact room dimensions. Some even allow you to draw in objects of your own choosing. Here are some free online design tools to consider.

How To Make Only One Room In Your House Look Like A Log Cabin

Whether you want to build an entire home that looks like a log cabin –on the inside — or you just want to decorate one specific room in log cabin decor, interior log siding is the answer! When used INSIDE a home, the terms ‘log siding’, ‘log paneling’ and ‘tongue & groove wood’ are often used interchangeably. Log siding tends to be raised and rounded — like a log… or a half log — whereas log paneling tends to be flat and narrow — like a plank of wood found at the lumber yard. When used inside a home, they are both applied using the tongue & groove method… generally speaking