What’s Your Style? Decorating With A Theme In Mind

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So… what’s your style? What will you be decorating the inside of your log home like?

Are you going for classic and rich looking? Modern and hip? Smooth edges & curves or sharpe edges and fine lines?

What about rustic? Have you considered themed housewares like moose… black bears… or other woodsy decor?

Moose and black bears wallpaper border.
You’ll probably want to decide fairly early whether you want to decorate your log home in a particular theme or not. We did.

Black bear trash can.
Jim and I were torn on this until recently.

He considered “black bears” as a decorating theme.

I said I’d rather save the black bear motifs for the log cabin that we rent when we’re in Gatlinburg, but I would consider something non-traditional… like a songwriting-/slash/-music motif.


How To Pull Off A Music Theme

A music frame for sheet music.You see, we have a ton of close-up photographs that we’ve taken through the years of musicians, singers & songwriters — most of them have been quite popular. And we have a fair amount of “personal stories” to go with many of them, as well.

I thought it might be nice to frame some of the close-ups as black & whites in frames of varying sizes. Add a couple of Hatch Prints to mix it up a bit and add some nostalgic flavor. And then keep our eye out for just the right additions — like a sheet of music signed by someone famous, or a guitar signed by someone else… you get the idea. Music stuff!

I’m not going for a museum here, just a small collection highlighting our experiences with some of the more musically-inclined people who’ve crossed our path. (Living here in Nashville, there have been quite a few.)


Anything Goes

Schooner sailboat wall art.The fact of the matter is… in a log home, anything goes!

Like… don’t think for a minute that you can’t decorate your log home with beachy, sealife decor if you want to either — even if you live nowhere near the water! (We almost did this, but I was afraid of looking too “cutesy”. I was going for more of “the rustic sea life” with ships’ wheels used as picture frames & clocks, navigational compasses, lighthouses, and such.)

With the right accent colors and furnishings, your log home could reflect just about any mood, activity, or style that you wish.