What’s Hot and What’s Not In Home Building Right Now

by Lynnette

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hot-list.jpg John Anthony put together a nice little summary of what’s hot and what’s not in terms of home design and remodeling these days.

John’s report was based on research he conducted for the National Association of Realtors.

John has some other great tips in his article, so be sure to check it out!

So, What’s Hot & What’s Not?…

Following are some of the highlights from John’s article — along with some random comments based on thoughts that immediately popped into my mind.

I’m not an expert on these things, so I completely trust John’s report, but a few of these made me wonder if the findings might be more regional than national.

My reason for including them here on this site is simply to keep people thinking about the “big picture” and the wide variety of options you have available to you when building or remodeling a home, based on current trends.

Central air-conditioning and fireplaces (we’re still contemplating fireplace vs no fireplace because we’ve always had one, but we’ve rarely used it!)

Eat-in kitchens (…convenience)

Utility rooms (practical!)

In-ground swimming pools (really?… in all areas?)

Dining rooms (Yep, the least used room in our house. But it’s next to impossible to find homes without them these days.)

Dens or studies (in their place: gigantic family rooms or play rooms, I would guess)

Intercom systems (…yeah, it’s easier to use your cellphone to buzz your family members these days!)

Above-ground swimming pools

Home offices (Seriously?… I guess we’re bucking the trend, cuz we’ll have two home offices in our new home!)

Kitchen pantries (What’s in their place?… those built-in pull-out cabinets & shelves?)

In-law suites

I also like John’s summary of some ways to spend “smart money” on your home:
Granite countertops
New carpets
Pull-out kitchen faucet
Body-spray showerheads
Garage storage systems

To keep things in perspective, you really need to read John’s entire report here.

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According to Log Home Living magazine’s Annual Buyers Guide…


  • Smaller, well-appointed homes (aka “jewel boxes”)
  • Specialized living areas (home office, exercise room, game room, home theater)
  • Casual, laid-back spaces
  • Less land/big outdoor rooms and lots of amenities
  • Single-floor homes


  • McMansions
  • The generic great room
  • Formal and traditional rooms
  • Small outdoor living space on lots of land
  • Multi-level living

According to The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey (first quarter 2007), 26% of residential architects reported seeing home sizes decrease, while on 21% report an increase in square footage. Volume (i.e. ceiling heights) has taken a downturn, too. …All that extra cash goes toward features and amenities rather than dead space and the energy to heat and cool it.”