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What follows are the notes from my reviews of various washers and dryers


Random Notes About Today’s Washers & Dryers

3.5 cu ft is the smallest capacity for washers these days; 4.0 cu ft is the largest available.

7.3 cu ft is the largest capacity for dryers; most are 7.0 cu ft.

Front-loaders in general only use 15-20 gallons of water, compared to 40 gallons in top loaders.

Front-load washing machines have an internal heater to heat the water up, rather than utilizing your home’s hot water heater.

If you wish, you can purchase separate “platforms” to raise your front-loading washer & dryer 12 inches off the ground. The platforms cost about $200 per appliance.

Adora the brand is made by GE for Home Depot. It’s similar to the GE Profile line.

LG washers & dryers need to be perfectly level to work effectively and stay in balance — no exceptions. That’s why they’re not a wise purchase for 2nd floor laundry rooms. LG washers and dryers are made in Korea; they’re most popular in Europe.

Maytag and GE/Adora are of similar quality. Both have a great suspension system that keeps them level, so they’re okay to use on the 2nd floor.

Maytag washers are made in Germany. Maytag dryers are made in Michigan. Whirlpool recently bought Maytag.

The Washers & Dryers I Looked At:

Bosch Nexxt Premium 3.81 cu ft Washer & 6.7 cu ft Dryer
36.9″H x 31.6″ D x 27″W
$1,166 $846 (Lowe’s)adora-ge-washer-dryer-home-depot.jpg

GE 3.8 cu ft Washer & 7.0 cu ft Dryer
41-1/2″H x 31-1/4″D x 27″W
$998 $848 (Lowe’s)
$999 $899 (Home Depot’s Adora brand)

GE 3.7 cu ft Washer & 7.0 cu ft Dryer
41-1/2″H x 31-1/8″D x 27″W
$798 $748 (Lowe’s)

lg-washer-dryer-home-depot.jpgLG 4.0 cu ft XL Washer & 7.3 cu ft XL Dryer
39″H x 29-15/16″D x 27″W
$999 $949 (Home Depot)

LG 4.0 cu ft XL Steamwasher & 7.3 cu ft XL Steamdryer
38-11/17″H x 29-3/4″D x 27″W
$1,499 $1,099 (Home Depot)

LG 3.83 cu ft XL Washer & 7.3 cu ft XL Dryer
39″H x 29-3/4″D x 27″W
lg-washers-dryers-home-depot.jpg$899 $849 (Home Depot)

LG 3.5 cu ft Washer & 7.0 cu ft Dryer
39″H x 30-1/2″D x 27″W
$759 $649 (Home Depot)

maytag-washers-and-dryers-home-depot.jpgMaytag Epic 4.0 cu ft Washer & 7.0 cu ft Dryer
38″H x 31-1/2″D x 27″W
$799 $799 (Home Depot)
$998 $898 (Lowe’s)

Samsung 3.8 cu ft Washer & 7.3 cu ft Dryer
38″H x 31″D x 27″W
$1,398 $1,048 gas (Lowe’s)
$1,398 $998 electric (Lowe’s)

Whirlpool Duet 4.0 cu ft Washer & 7.0 cu ft Dryer
38″H x 31-1/2″D x 27″W
$998 898 (Lowe’s)

Some Of My Notes:

  • Maytag’s 4.0 washer & 7.0 dryer are my first choice (also the manager at Home Depot’s first choice — over Bosche and GE/Adora).
  • GE’s front-loading washers & dryers have a lip on top (in the front) that takes up 1-2 inches of space, which would prevent you from putting a countertop directly over the appliances.
  • GE had the most solid closing doors, of all the brands I looked at.
  • Bosch’s controls are also on the top, but they’re flat (digital) controls. Their washer & dryer felt more like plastic than others.
  • Of all the LG products I reviewed (refrigerators, stovetops, microwave ovens, washers and dryers), their washers & dryers seemed the highest quality. I would seriously consider buying their washers and dryers, but I just like the Maytag better overall.
  • Whirlpool had very solid closing doors (a good thing), and the sturdiest container for adding detergent.


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