Fireplace Design & Placement Ideas To Help You Answer The Question: Fireplace Or No Fireplace?


Odds are, if you're building a log home then you're probably going to have a fireplace. I guess it would be kind of sacrilegious not to include a fireplace in your log home plans. But, I've got to admit... I seriously considered not putting one in our log home. Why? Because my theory is that fireplaces are very much like swimming pools, hot tubs, treadmills, swing sets, and trampolines -- you never end up using them as much as you thought you would. I'm not alone... quote: Here's … [Read more...]

Amazing Log Homes On HGTV Special

I caught the tail-end of an advertisement for "Amazing Log Homes" -- a special on HGTV about log homes. I made a point to watch it, and I'm so glad I did! There's even one that is a modular log home that cost $200,000. It was built by Blue Ridge Log Cabins. And yep, it truly qualifies as an "amazing log home."     Here's a slideshow of some log homes that are featured in the HGTV special.   More About HGTV's Amazing Log Homes Special: Blue Ridge Log Cabins … [Read more...]

Pictures of Log Home Bathrooms

honest abe model home in algood, tennessee (near cookeville)

Here are lots of pictures of log home bathrooms that can be used to get design & decorating ideas for your own new (or soon-to-be remodeled) bathroom. Regardless of how you ultimately decide to decorate the master bath or guest bathroom inside your log home, one thing's for sure... Your bathroom will probably include: a toilet (or two!) a bathtub or jacuzzi tub a shower (separate, or combined with the tub) a sink (...or two) cabinets and shelves some … [Read more...]

Pictures Of Stone Accents Used In Log Homes


The following log home pictures will show you various ways to enhance your log home with natural stone. You'll see some great interior design and decorating ideas using rock and stone as accent pieces. And, lots of unique ways to use natural stone (and synthetic stone) products in your own log home. These photos could also be used to help you decide between log siding vs stone on the exterior of your home. Say... when you're building an addition onto your home or trying to decide the … [Read more...]

Pictures of Log Home Kitchens


This set of photographs will give you some design and decorating ideas for your new (or soon-to-be-remodeled) log home kitchen. Regardless of how you ultimately decide to decorate the kitchen in your new log home, one thing's for sure... Your kitchen will probably include these items: an island (with or without an eat-in bar) appliances (microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven) a sink (...or two!) cabinets and shelves windows ...among other things. The following photos of … [Read more...]

Open House Event at Todd & Kim’s Log Home

Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy participating the many events for prospective log home owners that log home builders have throughout the year? Yesterday, we attended another one. It was an Honest Abe Open House at the home of Todd and Kim. … [Read more...]

Matt and Melissa’s Honest Abe Log Home

The final home on our tour of log homes was Matt and Melissa's. Their home was actually completed a couple of years ago, but they enjoy having visitors and sharing log home stories with others. That's why they choose to participate in Honest Abe's Annual Tour of Homes each year. BONUS: Melissa's dad was on hand to explain how he did all of the "finishing work" in this log home. (He does really nice work, too!) See some examples below... … [Read more...]

Lonnie and Sherry’s Log Home

This was definitely the most FUN house on the Honest Abe Log Home Tour. Lonnie and Sherry built this house from scratch themselves. It took them 2 years, and they have a lot to be proud of. Check out all of these one-of-a-kind features... … [Read more...]