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Pictures of Log Home Kitchens

rich-looking-dark-cabinets.jpg This set of photographs will give you some design and decorating ideas for your new (or soon-to-be-remodeled) log home kitchen.

Regardless of how you ultimately decide to decorate the kitchen in your new log home, one thing’s for sure…

Your kitchen will probably include these items:

  • an island (with or without an eat-in bar)
  • appliances (microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven)
  • a sink (…or two!)
  • cabinets and shelves
  • windows

…among other things.

The following photos of log home kitchens will help you get a better idea of where to place the items within your own kitchen, including which styles, color choices, sizes, etc. look best inside log homes.



Log Home Kitchen Photo Gallery

[Hover your mouse over photos to read descriptions. Click for larger view.]


green-painted-cabinets-in-kitchen.jpg burgandy-kitchen-cabinets.jpg


cabinet-doors-on-refrigerator-with-icemaker-and-fixed-bar-chairs.jpg kitchen-wide-island-bar.jpg


nooks-crannies-bi-level-island.jpg cabinets-counter-plate-rack.jpg


wide-stone-kitchen-island-bar.JPG tree-log-countertop-xl-tile-floor.jpg


curved-kitchen-island-bar.jpg wood-panels-on-refrigerator.jpg


kitchen-island-room-divider.jpg food-bar-room-separator.jpg