New Garage Tips & Facts About Garages In Today’s Homes

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three-car-garage-green.jpg Fewer people are parking in their garage than ever before. The reasons for this are numerous. Not the least of which is the fact that today’s families simply have bigger cars and more stuff.

As a last resort, families are using their garages as storage sheds, rather than for parking their cars.

Hindsight is 20/20… I would encourage you to plan now — in the design phase — so you don’t find yourself second-guessing your new home’s design later.

Building A New Garage?

Here are some garage tips that might come in handy when designing your garage bays, choosing your garage doors & openers, and laying out the storage space in your new home — both inside and outside.

One thing’s for sure: You want to be able to accommodate your families growing needs. By including adequate space in your new garage, you could alleviate a lot of headaches later!

Facts About Garages In Homes Today & Related Housing Trends

What kind of person are you?… The answer is in your garage.

Garage Chic: Today’s garages have become more than just a place to park the car.

Is there room for your car in the garage?

Are 2-car garages too narrow?

What can this behavior tell us?… That people are lazy and cars are fat?

Homeowners in need of more living space are opting to give their garage an “Extreme Makeover” rather than moving to a larger home.

As far as two-car garages are concerned… wider is better!

Here are some tips for choosing garage doors for your new home.

Garages are motoring to new heights… the garage is often the favorite room in the house these days!

See how to give your car a space alongside your clutter… all it takes is a little organization.

The downsides of not parking your car in the garage.

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Interest in garage design is growing. Here are some tips for building a better garage.

Are you lucky enough to park in the garage? Is yours even a garage anymore?

Building the ultimate garage… complete with heat, air, plumbing, entertainment, and security!

Crowded garages benefit from overhead storage systems to get things up and out of the way.

Garage Envy: How to be the envy of your neighborhood (…including liquid granite floors!)

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