Lighting Issues In Bathrooms

What is mood lighting? Think of a spotlight… just the right amount of light that calls attention to one particular area or object. Also think: candlelight… light that is soft and warm, not harsh and overpowering. I like to use dimmers to create the effect of spotlights and candle lights, combined.

Shower? Tub? Tub & Shower Combo?

So… what is your preference when it comes to the master bathroom?… Just a shower, and no tub? Just a bathtub, and no shower? A tub & shower combo? Or, a separate shower AND a tub? Here’s what we’re going with…

Bathroom Design Ideas: Things You Might Not Think Of

One way to use this is as an ‘idea list’… to help you weigh out the pro’s and con’s of various bathroom features in order to ultimately determine your own ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ list for your own master bathroom. Another way you could use this list is to think of these things as some of the most often overlooked items in master bathrooms.

Pictures of Log Home Bathrooms

Here are lots of pictures of log home bathrooms that can be used to get design & decorating ideas for your own new or soon-to-be remodeled bathroom, including toilets, bathtubs, jacuzzi tubs, showers, sinks, cabinets and shelves, windows… and other things.

Matt and Melissa’s Honest Abe Log Home

Three things make this log home unique… 1. The big, open floorplan… and the big open windows. 2. The bi-level flooring in the bathrooms, that ‘hides’ the plumbing. 3. The wide open kitchen and curved island with the stove in the center. Have a look…