Center Hill Lake Properties For Sale

by Lynnette

Center Hill Lake Property, deciding where to build, Tennessee land

I thought I’d tell you a little about one of the other lakes in Tennessee that we considered, ever so briefly:

Center Hill Lake in Middle Tennessee.

First Impressions

At first, we actually chose to skip Center Hill Lake altogether. (It was just too hard for us to get past our first impressions having visited the lake a number of times before and the similar impressions shared by our friends.)

You see, the lake itself is beautiful and a boater’s dream. But the homes around there are hit or miss. You have your multi-million dollar mansions being custom-built right down the road from your little pink trailer and rusty old double-wide.

I realize that’s quite common with lake living — no matter where you go. But we just never got good vibes or a “homey” feeling out at Center Hill Lake. Perhaps we haven’t visited the “right” parts yet. (We never could find a real “beach” to enjoy either — what’s with that?)

We have thoroughly enjoyed walking through many of the mansions when they were under construction on Center Hill Lake. And one thing’s for sure: the views around there are to die for!

But overall, it seemed just a little too hodge-podge and remote for our taste, so we decided to keep looking.

Second Impressions

Fast-forward about a year, and we have since checked out a number of different lakes as potential sites on which to build our log home.

We decided we would be remiss if we didn’t at least look around Center Hill Lake to see what kind of lake property we might be available there these days.

Turns out, we were pleasantly surprised. There seemed to be more upscale developments going in, and fewer trailers lining the roads. Plus, there were lots of log homes, too.

The only catch: the price!

They were charging an arm and a leg for a tiny, non-lakefront piece of land — and most of the lots available were less than an acre in size! There just wasn’t much that was attractive to us on this visit… not when we could have so much space and wide open beauty in Swan Ridge on Dale Hollow lake.

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