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Believe it or not, we’ve thought long & hard about buying an existing home, and now we just can’t get Smokey Joe’s Cabin out of our mind.

(I think it’s our impulsive nature. When we decide to do something, we tend to want it…right here… right now… done deal.)

We spent every free moment we’ve had (evenings & weekends) getting to know this house — inside and out!


There’s still this huge list of things that we’d have to do to this house to make it comfortable for us — to live in day in & day out — for more than a couple months:

  • It’s really small. And we have two really large dogs.
  • Jim and I would like to maintain separate offices, if at all possible. We could use a couple of the bedrooms, but we’d probably still have to do some minor improvements.

  • Plus, the closets are really tiny in this place.

…You know, things like that.

So, since there’s are all these things about the house that just don’t fit our needs & wants, we’ve decided that we’re probably going to place a ridiculously low offer on the house & just go from there.

We’d be buying it more as an investment & short-term place to reside than as our dream home.

We figure we’ll build our real dream home nearby — but this sure will be a fun place to hang out temporarily while we were building it!

One Final Step In The Process

We’re meeting with our log home builder/land developer friend tomorrow.

Since he actually built this home, we first want to talk to him about our ideas for adding onto this cabin — before we buy.

If possible, we may just turn this tiny cabin into our dream home… we’ll see what he says.

Depending on what he says & the expense to do some of the things that we want to do, we may just stick with our initial plan to buy it as an investment. We wouldn’t put much of our own money into “fixing it up”, in that case.


We've gone through the entire process of designing and planning every single detail of our dream log home! We have the blueprints... and the land... and the contractor... and the goal for our log cabin home to be our retirement home. Before you build (or buy) a log home, I have a slew of helpful tips for you -- to plan, design, build, decorate, and maintain your very own rustic modern log home. When I'm not fine-tuning the log home of my dreams, you'll find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). To date, I’ve written nearly 300 articles for current and future log home owners on this site! Many of them have over 50K shares.

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