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Log Homes In Florida… Good Or Bad?


Ruth H. sent us an email: Soon I will need to buy a home in FL. There is a log home available in Ft. Lauderdale. Can log homes last that far south? I would love to find out more about what I should be looking for. Please send some advise." … [Read more...]

Tips For Buying Lake Property In East Tennessee

Joe is our "roving reporter" for the day. He's a longtime visitor to this site and you will find his comments at the end of many of the articles found here. He has certainly done a lot of research on lake living (in Tennessee) and log home building, in general. Joe and his wife recently spent some time in East Tennessee visiting potential homesites for their future log home. We are most grateful that Joe has taken the time to compile a summary of his findings. If you are interested in … [Read more...]

Important Info Regarding Lake Property For Sale In Tennessee

My friend Joe (whom I've never met) is a regular visitor to this site, and also a future log home owner (...if all goes as planned). I don't know what I did to deserve it, but he has provided me (and by extension, you all) with some very valuable information that I just have to share. This mostly pertains to those seeking a lake lot on which to build here in Tennessee... … [Read more...]

Tennessee Lake Property For Sale

We've decided to put our property on Dale Hollow Lake up for sale. Why? Because we'd like to buy an RV. And since things are moving along so nicely toward building our log home here in Williamson County Tennessee, holding onto the Dale Hollow Lake property would purely be a luxury at this point. We view this lake property as a place that we would eventually (a long time from now) like to build a "vacation home" -- our log cabin on the lake -- but we'd rather do some serious RVing before … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Places To Build A Log Home

I'm about to list the Top 5 places to build a log home, according to the editors of Log Home Living Magazine (August 2007). But before we go there, I think we all would agree that there are plenty of other locations that should've made the list... but didn't. I hope that others who read this will take a second to share their favorite place to build a log home or log cabin in the Comments below. Now, onto the Top 5... … [Read more...]