Reasons To Consider Log Siding On Your Home’s Walls And For Other Projects Around The House

Log siding homes have been around for a long time, it's just that most people want the solid log wall system if they really like log homes. Typically, log siding is a 1-inch material that is the same species of wood as your logs. That way, wherever you use the log siding, it matches perfectly with the logs. The best part: log siding is not very expensive, especially when you consider that you can install it yourself! Following are some tips for working with log siding, plus lots of … [Read more...]

Exterior Log Siding vs Full Log Walls


After spending a day on our property at Dale Hollow Lake, we went to out to Center Hill Lake last week (near Smithville, Tennessee).  While there, we enjoyed checking out a number of newly built log homes in the area. Something that we saw close-up for the very first time was a home that looked like a log home, but wasn't. It had log siding -- inside & out. We currently have plans to use log siding on the basement portion of our log home (to cover the poured cement walls), but we'd … [Read more...]