Where To Put The Hot Water Heater… Keep Your Master Bathroom In Mind

hot-water-heater.jpg In our current home, the hot water heater is located in the garage.

As a result, hot water has to travel UP one-and-a-half floors and make a lot of turns & twists in the process of reaching both of our main bathrooms.

This is not the ideal scenario because:
#1 It takes a long time for the water to turn hot in both, our master bathroom and our guest bathroom — which are located upstairs.

#2 The water pressure is quite weak in the upstairs bathrooms. This is especially noticeable in the master bathroom shower (which is farthest from the water heater).

Placement Of The Hot Water Heater

In our new log home, we’ve tried to give a bit more thought to the placement of the hot water heater.

The aim: to shorten the route that hot water must travel to reach the master bathroom.

We don’t have kids, and house guests are few & far between, so getting hot water to the guest bathroom and powder room aren’t nearly as important as the master bathroom itself.

Since the master bathroom will be utilized several times each day by both Jim and myself, adequate amounts of hot water and water pressure are a necessity for our walk-in shower / wet room.

So, we’ve strategically placed the hot water heater such that it will basically be a straight shot to get the hot water to the master bath.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of placing the hot water heater exactly where they want to. But if you’re at the blueprint stage like us, then perhaps your dreams can still become a reality.

I would encourage you to not let the placement of the hot water heater become an afterthought or, worse yet, one of those “I wish we would’ve….” things.

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