How To Find The Best Fogless Shower Mirror

fog-free mirror for shaving head in showerIn our home, Jim shaves his head bald every morning.

In addition to a lifetime supply of Gillette Mach 3 razors and replacement blades, it’s a necessity that we have a fog-free mirror located inside the shower itself.

We’ve given this a whole lot of thought lately because we’d like to have a better, more professional, option in mind when it comes time to build the log home bathroom of our dreams.

So here’s what we’ve learned about fogless shower mirrors…

For starters, most are not worth the price you pay for them!


Suction Cups Lose Their Grip


The fact of the matter is… the suction cups they come with lose their grip under the weight of the mirror itself every few days.

That means, you always have to remember to reach behind the mirror itself and “push” the suction cups firmly to the wall. If you don’t? After a week or so, you’ll hear this loud crash coming from the bathroom itself, only to realize, “Oh yeah, it’s that stupid fogless mirror again!”

Miraculously, our plastic-framed fog-free mirror has never broken, or even cracked — despite a 4-foot drop every few weeks. (They must be made durable enough to withstand these frequent crashes.)

Still… ideally, a fogless mirror for Jim to shave his bald head would be permanently affixed to the tiled wall inside the shower. No more suction cups!


Fogless Mirrors Still Fog Up

Despite their claims, every fog-free mirror we’ve tried still gets fogged up on occasion.

Usually we just toss handfuls of water on the mirror itself, and the fog goes away temporarily.

But then you’re left with ugly water spots! And if you happened to have a combination of soap & body oils, or shampoo on your hands, then you’re actually just contaminating the fog-free properties of the mirror anyway.

Most current solutions don’t work: anti-fogging sprays are short-lived; and windshields coated with titanium dioxide require exposure at least every few hours to ultraviolet light to work. It’s very difficult to prevent fogging from taking place. Source

It’s not horrendous, just inconvenient. Still, (at least in our experience) the weakness of the suction cups remains the bigger issue.


Some Fogless Shower Mirrors To Consider

This is the fog-free shaving mirror we currently have.

It is truly the best — because it stays put, doesn’t fog up, and it looks great!



Fog-Free Shower Mirror

#2 This is the fog-free shaving mirror we used before that.

We liked it, but didn’t love it. It fell down a lot and never look clean and clear.



The Every Audio Shower Mirror

#3 This one is similar, with a few “bonus” features like a digital clock and/or an mp3 player.




#4 This one seems like it might have some potential.

This mirror is warmed from a trickle of shower water that is diverted from the main shower stream so that it is sprayed on the back of the mirror and then exits the mirror bottom directly to the shower floor. A layer of copper is sandwiched to the back of the mirror to ensure that the heat from the water is evenly distributed. It is this transfer of heat from the water to the mirror that keeps your view entirely fog free no matter how hot or long your shower. Source

fog-free-shower-mirror I’d have to see it to believe it though.


More About Fogless Mirrors

UPDATE: We Finally Found The Best Fogless Shower Mirror… Ever!

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  • David

    I have the kind where it connects to the arm of the shower head and uses a flow of water to keep the mirror fog free. It works like a charm. I had a gasket pop off and need to replace it the unit. I bought one just like it (from Wal-Mart) but it popped off the arm while I was tightening it. I couldn’t reattach it like they said I could, so I just took it back. They didn’t have another one, so I’m left to wait until they get more in stock – or buy one off the internet. It’s $5 more expensive ($20 vs $15) on line than in the store, though. Bottom line – I love what I had and want another one just like it.