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Honest Abe Log Home Kits: See How Honest Abe Builds Log Homes

jim talking to tonya todd at the log raising - honest abe  home

If you're thinking of building a log home and you're torn between one or more log home companies, then it may come down to the 'little things' when it comes time to make the decision of who will build your log home.For us, we had narrowed our choices down to Southland Log Homes and Honest Abe Log Homes. (Check out all the comments generated about Southland here.)When we got down to the nitty gritty details that take place behind the scenes when building a log home, all signs pointed to … [Read more...]

Choose A Wood Heating System For Your Home, The Environment Will Thank You


With the ever-increasing price of oil, natural gas and electricity, many homeowners are now considering using wood to heat their homes and workshops.Along with the potential cost savings that an outdoor wood furnace or other type of wood burning stove can provide on home heating bills, using wood as your home heating fuel of choice is great for the environment.Here's why:  … [Read more...]

New Home Design & Must-Have “Necessities”… If Money Were No Object


If money were no object, which posh amenities would be on your wish list?These are some of the things that Jim and I have always talked about including in our dream home. They would definitely be on our list:Radiant heat flooring - Jim scoffs at the idea and says, "Who needs it? It's too expensive." (In the winter, he'll thank me for it!) Dog-friendly bath space - I've always longed for a dog tub & shower system for large dogs. Ideally, it would have low steps or a ramp for the … [Read more...]

Log Home Financing Doesn’t Come Easy These Days – Banks Are Balking At The Last Minute

Log home financing doesn't come easy these days! photo by lumaxart on Flickr

I told myself that I wasn't going to be negative -- especially about any one company -- when it came to talking about all the hoops we've had to jump through in order to get our log home financed.But let me just say this: We've had a change of heart about a couple of banks recently.Some of the details are mentioned here... Log Home Financing Isn't Easy These DaysIt's funny how things change with banks when it comes right down to the wire.During the last 2 weeks … [Read more...]

New Home Building Costs: Things That Affect The Price Of Your New Log Home

There are a number of factors which can ultimately increase (or decrease) the costs associated with building a new home.Many of those are things that you, personally, can choose to include (or not include) when designing and constructing your new log home.Here are some things to keep in mind that will ultimately affect the cost to build a log home...Square or rectangular homes are less expensive to build than irregularly shaped homes, or rooms with lots of angles and areas … [Read more...]

One-Room Log Cabins Are Cozy, Cheap, And Environmentally Friendly

Have you ever thought of building a one-room log cabin? If that sounds a bit small for your taste, think of it this way: a one-room log cabin can get you close to Mother Nature. Some Of The Great Things About Living In A One-Room Cabin: Efficiency Reduction of your environmental impact Ease of maintenanceInexpensive construction costsMinimalist lifestyleResidence in the woods or other scenic surroundingsHousing can be built on a very small plot of land … [Read more...]

Current Log Home Trends & Up-To-Date News About Building Log Homes

With so many changes, updates, and new innovations available to those who are building or living in log homes these days, it's important (and fun!) to know what the current log home trends are. The Log Home Industry Expert stays on top of all the latest news and information regarding log homes, like: Why would anyone build a log home right now? Best land buying tips for future log home owners Real life log home stories … [Read more...]

When Should You Finish The Wood For Your Log Home?… Before Or After It’s Built?

Some people prefer to stain the logs (or finish or the wood) before the log home is actually constructed. Others prefer to wait until after the entire building process has been done. Why wait? Why not?  Is there a good reason to not finish the wood of a log home before all the pieces go together? In general, it is faster, easier, and even less expensive to stain your log home before all the pieces are assembled. Why? Because staining is far easier when you're working with … [Read more...]

Green Log Awards Recognize Green Products For Log Homes

And the award goes to... green buildings, green home products, and green builders! The Green Log Awards go to companies which produce building products that do not harm or negatively impact Mother Nature. The Green Log Awards are certainly a wonderful incentive for -- and great way to recognize -- companies which help people live safely and comfortably without destroying the Earth.    … [Read more...]

How To Build A Cheap Log Home

Did you know that you can actually build a log home without having to spend a lot of money? One man built a log home for under $11,000! Yes, you read that correctly -- he built a log home for his family for under $11,000. Of course, he had to take his time with the project, and it took quite a bit of work. His story is amazing, and it just may inspire you to try building a log home of your own the same way he did. … [Read more...]